Saturday, December 24, 2011

No Presents For Christmas - Except for this one!

Here it is, in all its rotten glory. Enjoy! Who knows, it might be your last Christmas anyway so make this one count, you pinheads.


On your way home for Christmas
I'm robbing you blind
You are in a hurry
I've got nothing but time

The stores are all busy
About to close, it's late
Stuffing my pockets
With whatever I can take

To summon the holy spirits
From the bottom of the tube

'Cause all I want for Christmas is glue
All I want for Christmas is glue
All I want for Christmas is glue
Crazy glue
White glue
Red glue
Sparkly glue
Glue made of horse teeth
Glue made of babies and puppies
'Cause all I want for Christmas is glue
All I want for Christmas

My heart's in so many pieces
It might mend with glue
Another Christmas huffing
Is what I wanna do

Sirens through your neighborhood
Turkey's getting cold
Daddy won't be home tonight
And the prison bunks are full

So hang up your pretty stockings
I've been dreading it for weeks
But I feel it in my gut
Knowing it has to be done
Another Christmas rut

Smash another window
To get in from the cold
Start a living room fire
It never gets old

We'll all be dead soon anyway
So pass the bag around
I'll inhale a little longer
Make sure this Christmas is heaven bound

'Cause all I want for Christmas is glue
All I want for Christmas is glue

And of course: Haust's christmas song from the split record (Stooges cover only available on the vinyl!)


There will be no christmas this year
There will be no christmas anywhere

There will be no ghost of christmas present
And there will be no fucking christmas presents

There will be no christmas

We'll celebrate the dark, lazy winter
We'll celebrate it right here in our filthy bed
We'll sleep together
We'll rock together
We'll sing together
There'll be no fucking christmas!

There will be no christmas

No jesus christ
No santa claus
No christmas tree
Just you and me

There will be no christmas this year
There will be no christmas anywhere.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ormeyngel: The year in tapes

Ormeyngel put out five releases this year: Dark Times, Drugged SS, Blackest Woods, Problems, and White Juice. The final copies of these can be purchased through the Ormeyngel Webstore or at Tiger.

All of these five releases can now be streamed and downloaded for free at the Ormeyngel Bandcamp. Five solid releases of ugly fucking music, signed the Black Hole Crew. Listen, distribute, and destroy.

Dark Times (Sold out)
Drugged SS - I Hate What You Think about My Life
Blackest Woods - All My Children
Problems - 2011 (Sold out)

White Juice tape out in 2012. More juice coming.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Hole X-mas - OUT NOW!

The Ultimate X-mas feelbad record from the cold north! Exclusive tracks from both bands + a Stooges cover by Haust. Limited green vinyl. This year it's not the Grinch, but the misantropic noisepunks Haust and Okkultokrati who steal Christmas and give it to the kids of the black hole. This is a celebration of the darkest part of the year and the dizzy subliminal effect of mulled wine, carnations and poinsettas. Three songs, two originals and a cover, about being ugly, unfortunate and under-informed. A hymn to the less unfortunate, the deviants and the perverts, its for anyone who's ever felt mislead by the stars and alienated in a crib surrounded by animals. Recorded at the Black Hole by Pål Bredrup and Ruben Willem of Okkultokrati/Haust. Artwork by Esben S. Titland.

Track Listing

Side A:

  1. Haust - No Christmas
  2. Haust - No Fun

Side B:

  1. Okkultokrati - All I Want For Christmas is Glue

Listen to it here:

Buy it here:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Okkultokrati back from Spain.

OKKULTOKRATI are back and well from an amazing tour of Spain. One million thanks to Artur/Wombat Booking. Also thanks to: Magdalena in Bilbao. Jose, Julia and Inaki in Benicarlo. Emergenzia and Angel in Zaragoza. Markina-crew at the Akerbeltz Gaztetxie. Hugo at Ibu Hots, Imanol and Jade in Vitoria. Gonzalo and everyone at the CSA Antiguos Almacenes de La Mina and the family Tavern in La Gandara. Jose/Odio Sonoro. Inaki and Christina in Gijon/Oviedo. Pablo and Bokluk in Carballo. Ivan and El Ego and everyone who showed up in Madrid at La Faena II the last hectic night.