Sunday, June 27, 2010

New EP from Okkultokrati recorded and out in time for autumnal equinox

These are the facts:
*Okkultokrati just finished recording a new EP

*Just as on "No Light for Mass" this was recorded with the help of Ruben Willem over at Caliban Studios.

*5 tracks in total including a new take on an old urban hymn.
01: Intro
02: Triumph Of Meth
03: Witch House
04: Upon The Anvil
05: No Class

*Expect a 7"/CDep this fall.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hombre Malo Russian/Baltic tour

Hombre Malo will tour Eastern Europe the upcoming weeks, playing Russia and the Baltic States. Okkultokrati's bass shredder Le Ghast will have some Okkultokrati LPs with him, along with some other sick Norwegian records, so hit him up if you're interested.


27/06: st petersburg (ru)
28/06: novgorod (ru)
29/06: ramenskoe (ru)
30/06: vladimir (ru)
01/07: ufa (ru)
02/07: moscow (ru)
03/07: pskov (ru)
04/07: tallinn (est)
05/07: valmiera (lv)
06/07: riga (lv)
07/07: alytus (lt)
08/07: kaunas (lt)
09/07: vilnius (lt)
10/07: kaliningrad (ru)

Check their MySpace for venue info.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Haust live at Blå june 15th 2010

Haust played under the Havresekken-concept at Blå last wednesday. All photos by Thomas Rodahl Dedekam.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Black Hole Vinyl has arrived

The Okkultokrati - No Light For Mass LP is here. Heavy stock cardboard with gatefold cover, thick 180 gr. vinyl. Looks, feels and sounds massive.

If you live in Norway you can order from Lilla Himmel and Tiger.
If you live outside Norway you can save yourself from getting raped on norwegian postage and get your copies from Odio Sonoro who will have their copies within the week, or if you can't wait then you can order from Ormeyngel.

The Powers of Horror LP is ready as well, pictures will be posted later.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Video for Haust - Anti Reproductive

And just when you thought Okkultokrati had it going on in the On Mouth of Hells video then Haust comes along and one-ups everything. Or as It's A trap says:

"Buried by billions of unique snowflakes of hate." The visual is just as vile as the music and I wouldn't have it any other way. Anti-life, anti-reproductive: a sign of the times. Take a look around, things are only going to get worse. Thus "Powers of horror" is my #1 album of the year -- you will not hear a band with a darker, more bleak and negative outlook than Haust, they are the pioneers of the new dystopia.

Made by Fredrik Hana and his crew at BLÆST. Crank it to 11.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Video for Okkultokrati - On Mouth of Hells

Shot by Sebastian Rusten and Gaute Springgard. Edited by Gaute Springgard.

Okkultokrati - On Mouth Of Hells from Gaute Springgard on Vimeo.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Haust - Powers of Horror CD Out now!!

Yes the Haust - Powers of Horror CD is out now on Fysisk Format. Vinyl should be here in a few days. This second album is even more relentless and chaotic than the first one and with a bigger, heavier and more punchy sound while still shredding and screeching in all the right places. It's the stuff of bad dreams, broken spirits and doomed souls. Dark, dark shit.

Also keep your eyes peeled for a music-video made for the gut-wrenching, killer song Anti-Reproductive. It will be posted here shortly.

The first reviews are already ticking in. gives it a whopping 8/10 and calls it "An ugly necessity".

The two biggest newspapers in the country disagree completely. Aftenposten is overwhelmed and gives it 5 out of 6 calling it "an even darker album than their first one", while VG drops the ball and limps in with a 3/6.

Puls calls them "the successors to Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon!" (That's pretty funny).

Groove hails it as album of the week with a score of 6/7

While Dagsavisen had this to say:

Listen to the entire album here on Wimp.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tabloid ramblings of madmen and truthtellers

One of Norways biggest tabloid newspapers, the always terrible, consistently incompetent and journalistically challenged publication, Dagbladet has finally gotten one thing right. Reviewer Torgrim Øyre, mister Big Kahuna behind the Hole In Sky Festival himself, rolled the dice for Okkultokrati's No Light For Mass album to 5 out of 6 and called it "An encyclopedia of dirty metal" and a "fully commited record with a lot on its mind".

Read the whole thing HERE (in Norwegian)

Aftenpostens Harald Fossberg writes:
Okkultokrati - Har gitt ut årets tøffeste plate – hittil. De kaller det nekrosludge, hvilket betyr blodstenkt, blytung hardcoremetalpunk med seige drag.

Oslo shows coming up

School's out, England is getting ready to win the World Cup, and to kick start the summer in Oslo, the Black Hole Crew will play some shows during the next days.

Haust and Okkultokrati will both play the Fysisk Format show in the Garage Backyard on Saturday the 5th of June. The show is FREE.
18:30 Redd
19:30 Eskatol
20:30 Okkultokrati
21:30 Manhattan Skyline
22:30 Haust
23:30 Kollwitz
More info here.

On June 9th, Okkultokrati will play a special show, providing a soundtrack to the Kenneth Anger film Lucifer Rising at Unge Kunstneres Samfund. This performance is a part of an exhibition displayed from June 4th to 12th featuring works from the newly graduated students from the Art Academy in Tromø. This Wednesday will feature selected film screenings from 17:00, all movies selected by Haust vocalist Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg. For more information on the other events at this exhibition, click here.

Prior to both these shows, Oslo Hardcore Haters Problems will play a show at Humla/Hausmania Friday the 4th of June. Problems shows don't happen that often, so don't miss out.