Friday, July 30, 2010

Brotherhood of the Black Hole

Okkultokrati and Haust don't play together as much as we should, but for the next two weekends we've lined up two special shows. On Saturday 7th, we'll head to Haust's hometown of Notodden to be a part of the legendary Bluesfestival happening that weekend. We'll play an "alternative" stage in the city center - located across the street from Carbiden pub according to Vebjørn. Get ready for some white trash extravaganza.

Friday the 13th of August is the release show for both "Powers of Horror" and "No Light for Mass" - the two recent full lengths we put out during the summer. The show will happen at Mandelbrot in Oslo, around midnight - after the action at the Øya Festival is done. Doors open at 23:00, and it only costs 50 kroner. Both Haust - "Powers of Horror" and Okkultokrati - "No Light for Mass" will be available on CD, vinyl, and tape this night. It's gonna be one hell of a party so make sure to be there in time. Click here for a map showing the location of the venue.

Contrary to what was announced earlier, Okkultokrati will NOT play the Camp:Indie stage at Øyafestivalen Wednesday 11th due to some unfortunate misunderstandings. Sorry for this cancellation, but the show at Mandelbrot will make up for it. If you're going to the Øyafestival, make sure you catch killer acts like Fucked Up, Obliteration, The Stooges, Trash Talk, and The Specials.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nekromantik Norway Podcast

Olympia, WA based music blog It's a Trap just posted a podcast playlist entitled Nekromantik Norway, featuring several tracks from crew'd acts like Haust, Årabrot, Obliteration, Nekromantheon, and Okkultokrati, as well as some songs from the latest Darkthrone album and other Norwegian nekro hits.

Listen and download here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"No Light For Mass" cassettes are in

Ormeyngel number 6 just arrived - the tape release of Okkultokrati - No Light for Mass.

As always - worldwide shipping from the Ormeyngel Webstore. $11 ppd overseas, $9 in Europe. Norwegians, get it at Tiger or by e-mailing us at ormeyngel (@) Wholesale inquiries can be sent to this address as well. '

Sacred Tapes will have a few copies of this available in the US, as well as the upcoming Haust tape. That tape should be out at the start of August.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where my dogs at?

If dogs can buy it, so can you. This dog right here even made himself an Okkultokrati patch - NICE. Europeans, you can now order the record from Odio Sonoro.