Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OKKULTO news - New album announced - New Dude joins the band

Lots of huge news concerning OKKULTOKRATI. We have a new album coming out on Fysisk Format, home to such great bands as Obliteration, Haust, Årabrot and a bunch of others. The album will be named "NO LIGHT FOR MASS" and will feature 9-10 songs of certified blistering, heavy and black rock'n'roll. Topics will be about war, death, destruction, astral travelling, UFO-sightings, merging of minds, aura-photograhpy, negative space and other mindbending, thoughtcrushing, life-defying shit. Artwork will be by the always excellent Sebastian Rusten and this crap will blow you heads clean off. Looks like it will be out by early/mid-february 2010. Vinyl and tape versions planned to come out too.

Also LE GHAST is now our new bass player, taking over the reigns of the late great VIRGIN TAKER, who will be missed. But don't worry LE GHAST will be bringing the attitude necessary to play in OKKULTO. Our first show with the new line up will be with Kolbotn death-thrashers Obliteration on the 30th of december at Garage in Oslo as a part of Tiger's Juleblot. So don't fucking miss out on that.

The Okkultokrati T-shirts we promised are on their way too and should be available in a week or so and will be available on the Juleblot.

There is a bunch of other stuff in the works as well so stay posted for more to come. Black hails!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Haust in Bergen saturday 28th of November 2009

pictures by Eirik Lande:

and more pictures by: Glenn-Eugen Ellingsen

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Haust/ Next Life - split LP in the works

All tracks have been recorded (Next Life now with a live drummer) and it is being shipped off to the pressing plant any day now and will be out on Fysisk Format on a 12-inch early next year. Artwork to be posted here later.

Track List as follows:
01: Hearse
02: Skate Rock
03: A Final Effort
04: The Unholy Family

01: Anti Matter
02: Battle Tactics
03: Crystalline
04: Paladin Warrior
05: Sol Blade

The two bands also played together recently. Here are some pics by Svein Strømmen from that evening.

And here is a review from that very show (in norwegian).

Monday, September 28, 2009


The mighty Aversionline did a review of the Knarkskog 7":

"Following their now out of print seven-song demo tape, "Knarkskog" is the first proper release from Oslo, Norway's Okkultokrati, as well as the debut release for the label, Lilla Himmel. Cranking out four songs in a very succinct six minutes, expect a peculiar blend of frantic hardcore/punk with sick vocals and plenty of chaotic dissonance and "skronk"-laden riffing that has an unusual noise rock sort of aesthetic to it – especially in terms of the spacious textures utilized by the recording. The band has referred to their approach as "True Norwegian Metaphysical Atheist Black 'n' Roll", while the label loosely defines it as "somewhere between Black Flag and Darkthrone". Me? I have no fuckin' clue, but there's a killer sense of energy throughout, so I don't give a shit what you'd call it. It's totally great, and the band deserves all the attention they may well receive."


Be sure to check out the other reviews on that blog as well.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Our first shirt is soon to be launched into the void. Made by our fifth member Sebastian Rusten.

In the woods of Telemark

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Musings about Knarkskog

It's A Trap wrote some nice things about us. They compare us to some cool current bands which we aren't really inspired by, but that are flattering none the less. They also heard some intriguing similarities to Brainbombs that we were unaware of, but Brainbombs are excellent so who cares.

"Okkultokrati share members with Haust and more than a slight resemblance soundwise, but they are definitely way more on the current pessimistic hardcore zeitgeist tip than the latter. Haust mix hardcore aggression with black metal nihilism, Okkultokrati are just aggro. If you dig on the contorted sounds of Sex Vid, Total Abuse, Cult Ritual or any other like-minded negative creeps (overused Brainbombs references are a surefire tip-off), you'll probably dig this too, especially if you wish those bands had a heavier rhythmic integrity. The debut "Knarkskog EP" (free d/l here) won't usurp "Communal living" as the subset standard-bearer, but it's way better than some and bodes well for the future."

Read it here

"Dopecradle" was A-listed by Radio Nova and they had this to say about it:

"Oslobandet Okkultokrati slapp sin debut ”Knarkskog EP” 25. august. Bandet som har medlemmer fra bl.a Common Cause og Haust overøser deg med en klassisk miks av hardcore, pønk og svartmetall. ”Dopecradle” skifter fra å gå i et høyt hardcore-tempo til å roe ned til repetative gitarriff i black metal-stil. Uansett stilart, er dette både melodiøst og rytmisk, med et nihilistisk tankesett som utgangspunkt for det aggressive uttrykket. Svart, er forøvrig ordet som kanskje best beskriver bandet som helhet. I tillegg til navn på bandmedlemmer som Black Death og Black Qvisling, referanser som Black Flag og Black Sabbath, fronter de Knarkskog EP med en heftig, syk og mørk covertegning. (EP’en er ute på vinyl i bare 200 kopier!) "

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


True Norwegian Metaphysical Atheist Black n'Roll - The Knarkskog EP is here and it looks insane thanks to silver ink, heavy cardboard and sick artwork by Sebastian Rusten. Limited to a measly 200 copies. So if you don't want to miss out then come out and see us live and get one. Head over to Lilla Himmel for further info.

You can download it for free here.

Kanalrock in Horten this friday. 18:30. Punx.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Knarkskog EP - pre-release

The Knarkskog EP is here and almost ready. While we are waiting for the covers to be done we made some pre-release covers. So 30 copies will be availablle when we play in the woods of Akkerhaugen in Notodden on the 18th of July (in 11 days). This is the cover for the special-version:

The regular version will be for sale by the time we are playing in Horten at the Kanalrock (14th of August). More info on that later.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Haust interview in Nö Music

Stranded with Haust at Hove

Interview by Åse Bredeli Røyset


Haust made sure the Tent-venue was the darkest place on Hove Monday evening, calling out to every black-clad soul that “the weather forecast for tomorrow” is a sunny day. Right they were, so we decided to take them out to sea in a little ol’ boat. Little did we know we were about to get stuck on a bank of sand, surrounded by evil-looking jelly fish.

It started off nice and smooth, everybody got safely onto the little wooden boat, and cuddle up in the salon bit at the back (hey, I’m no skipper, there’ll be no ocean slang in this article…), then off, tuff-tuffing out towards where ocean blue becomes sky blue.

Nö Music: What makes Haust worth catching on festivals this summer?
Haust: We’re not playing that many festivals this year, just here at Hove, and the club night at Øya.

NM: Well, there’s enough bands fighting for attention that night… Why should we go to your gig and not the hundreds of others at Øya?
H: There’s a great package of bands the night we’re playing. It’s Fysisk Format’s label night, with us, Manhattan Skyline, Death is Not Glamorous and some other bands… But we’re different from them. We’re not all hardcore.

NM: If you’re not hardcore… what are you?
H: We’re.. well… we’ve got a bit of everything. Those bands go for the full-on hardcore package, which we try to stay out of. The vocals are not typical hardcore vocals,

NM: Yeah, we were discussing this after your gig last night - where exactly is the black metal in Haust?
H: We don’t claim to be black metal, it’s more in our influences than in the actual expression, bands like Burzum, Darkthrone are very present…

NM: So what concerts are you catching at Hove this year?
H: Necro!
Yes, Necro…
I’m planning on seeing a lot of music. I don’t know what exactly, there’s a lot of weird stuff on I haven’t even heard of, I only know the headliners. We saw Lykke Li last night, she was good.

No one’s noticed, but at this point we’ve stopped, and have apparently stood still for quite a while, and only now our captain feels he has to tell us that, uhm, his friend’s got us stuck. We peek over the railing, and can see about 20 cm deep crystal clear water separating us from the pebbly ground. «Not to worry, we’ll get us off in no time!» We really wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the festival out here anyway, so nodding we get back to our beer and chat…

NM: You are Toffen for a day; what does your Hove line-up look like?
H: oooh… Sleep is playing, yeah, definitely Sleep. And… Haust, of course, Melvins, a lot of real heavy stuff… and Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr, I guess we need something a bit chill. Lykke Li?
*The whole band giggles…*
Is there some sort a band crush on Lykke Li here?
Yep, we saw her last night. She’s cool.

NM: Sounds good. We’ll be there. What about worldwide, what’s your favourite festivals internationally?
H: Roadburn in The Netherlands, All Tomorrow’s Parties probably, they usually put on real heavy stuff. And Norway Rock Festival, don’t you think, Dag Otto? Haha, yeah, in Kvinesdal! No… not really, no… God no.

Half our crew has now jumped ship, trying to push the boat off. Doesn’t work. If we mind stepping to the front of the boat instead of the back..? Not at all.

NM: So do you have any immediate plans on conquering the rest of Bergen, uh, I mean… world?
H: What, Bergen? We haven’t played there yet, Bergen hates us. Bergens Tidende (regional newspaper) slaughtered our album…

NM: Uhm, no, I meant the world… Freudian slip from yours truly.

H: Oh, the world, yeah, but we thought we’d take on Bergen first. There are quite a few things stirring at the moment that we’re not supposed to talk about. There’s definitely a tour coming up this autumn, and in the spring. We have a new album coming out in February, and a split 12″ with Next Life before that, so there will be some stuff in relation to that. Really, there are some exciting things in the making, but nothing’s official yet..!

NM: One year after Ride the Relapse, what have you been up to?

H: Recorded new stuff, created a new album, playing a few concerts, but not too many, we’re not keen on playing live too much.

NM: What’s the new stuff like, you played a few new songs last night, any major changes?
H: Yes and no… There’s a lot more riffing, but we’re the same band. We’ve gone a bit more hardcore, but with sing-along and proper mosh sections. And plenty of hits of course, we only do hit songs.

NM: Speaking of “Ugly fucking Oslo” - you guys happier on the picturesque south coast?

H: Yeah, this is a lot better! We like it here.

NM: What’s the deal… You really don’t like Oslo, or what?
H: I don’t like Oslo (Vebjørn Guttormsgaard). I don’t even live there. I live in Tromsø. The rest of the band’s in Oslo, I guess that’s part of the reason we don’t play that many gigs.

I (Pål Bredrup) only live in Oslo out of convenience. You can’t live in Notodden… Not if you want an education. And I wouldn’t want to go to Bergen, either, so there we are. And then Ruben’s got a studio in Oslo, so that’s really cool. We can spend hours and hours there, creating a consistent sound, no need to worry about the bill.

NM: So where would you rather live, ideally, the day you only have to play two festivals a year to be sorted…
H: I dunno. Probably not in Norway.
I’d like to record in Telemark though. Way up in the mountains.
Yeah, Telemark could work. Or some Caribbean island feat. tiny umbrella drinks.

Haust pictures from Hove-festival

Friday, May 29, 2009

Haust + Okkultokrati i Moss 13/6

Lørdag 13 juni i Moss.
Det var snakk om å spille to sett i løpet av dagen.
Ett til fri alder og ett til 18+

Mosseporten skal fylles, fyllinga skal sprenges og Pettersonfabrikken skal blåses på sjøen!