Monday, September 28, 2009


The mighty Aversionline did a review of the Knarkskog 7":

"Following their now out of print seven-song demo tape, "Knarkskog" is the first proper release from Oslo, Norway's Okkultokrati, as well as the debut release for the label, Lilla Himmel. Cranking out four songs in a very succinct six minutes, expect a peculiar blend of frantic hardcore/punk with sick vocals and plenty of chaotic dissonance and "skronk"-laden riffing that has an unusual noise rock sort of aesthetic to it – especially in terms of the spacious textures utilized by the recording. The band has referred to their approach as "True Norwegian Metaphysical Atheist Black 'n' Roll", while the label loosely defines it as "somewhere between Black Flag and Darkthrone". Me? I have no fuckin' clue, but there's a killer sense of energy throughout, so I don't give a shit what you'd call it. It's totally great, and the band deserves all the attention they may well receive."


Be sure to check out the other reviews on that blog as well.

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