Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OKKULTO news - New album announced - New Dude joins the band

Lots of huge news concerning OKKULTOKRATI. We have a new album coming out on Fysisk Format, home to such great bands as Obliteration, Haust, Ã…rabrot and a bunch of others. The album will be named "NO LIGHT FOR MASS" and will feature 9-10 songs of certified blistering, heavy and black rock'n'roll. Topics will be about war, death, destruction, astral travelling, UFO-sightings, merging of minds, aura-photograhpy, negative space and other mindbending, thoughtcrushing, life-defying shit. Artwork will be by the always excellent Sebastian Rusten and this crap will blow you heads clean off. Looks like it will be out by early/mid-february 2010. Vinyl and tape versions planned to come out too.

Also LE GHAST is now our new bass player, taking over the reigns of the late great VIRGIN TAKER, who will be missed. But don't worry LE GHAST will be bringing the attitude necessary to play in OKKULTO. Our first show with the new line up will be with Kolbotn death-thrashers Obliteration on the 30th of december at Garage in Oslo as a part of Tiger's Juleblot. So don't fucking miss out on that.

The Okkultokrati T-shirts we promised are on their way too and should be available in a week or so and will be available on the Juleblot.

There is a bunch of other stuff in the works as well so stay posted for more to come. Black hails!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Haust in Bergen saturday 28th of November 2009

pictures by Eirik Lande:

and more pictures by: Glenn-Eugen Ellingsen

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Haust/ Next Life - split LP in the works

All tracks have been recorded (Next Life now with a live drummer) and it is being shipped off to the pressing plant any day now and will be out on Fysisk Format on a 12-inch early next year. Artwork to be posted here later.

Track List as follows:
01: Hearse
02: Skate Rock
03: A Final Effort
04: The Unholy Family

01: Anti Matter
02: Battle Tactics
03: Crystalline
04: Paladin Warrior
05: Sol Blade

The two bands also played together recently. Here are some pics by Svein Strømmen from that evening.

And here is a review from that very show (in norwegian).