Monday, November 29, 2010

Ormeyngel update

(photo by Mia Söderberg)

The black Okkultokrati UFO shirt is finally back in print! A true Oslo classic for sure, haha. These are now available in all sizes once again. The white Mountain shirts are almost gone, I don't think this will be reprinted so get it or don't.

We've only got a handful of copies left of the first press of the No Light For Mass LP, and the second pressing of the Knarkskog 7" is gone as well. Both of these will be repressed shortly - Knarkskog will probably available some time during December, while a repress of the LP should be here some time early next year. We just got the second pressing of the No Light CD, so that one's still available. Both the LP and the 7" is probably still available from other distros and stores in this world so just look around if you want them.

Up next is the new Okkultokrati 7"/CDEP Ingen Veit Alt. Look for this as well as some kick ass new shirts to be released along with that record in December.

To give us all your money, click here to visit the Ormeyngel Webstore.

Here's a video of "Tomb City Rockers - Pungent State" from Bodø Hardcore Festival this weekend. Thanks for coming out, we had a bl'ast.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Okkultokrati in Sweden and Bodø this weekend

Friday November 26th, Gothenburg Sweden
Black Bug
Fredag den 13:e
Seeds in Barren Fields
Kulturhuset Underjorden
Brahegatan 11
50 kronor

Saturday November 27th, Bodø Nord-Norge
It's fucking free.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Okkultokrati - Ingen Veit Alt EP

Okkultokrati's upcoming new 5 song EP called "Ingen Veit Alt" is now sent to the pressing plant and is slated for a December 13th 2010 release and available both on CD and 7" vinyl as a collaboration between Fysisk Format, Ormeyngel, Odio Sonoro and Lilla Himmel.

Topics for this new EP touch upon mind-expanding drugs, physical decay, witch hunts, intricate torture, the forging of metal, unveiling deity, exposing eternal life and stating once and for all that "I ain't no performance art".

Listen to the track "Triumph of Meth" on ShitSpace.

Sebastian Rusten canceled all appointments for 3 months and sat down and feverishly drew the very detailed artwork for this release, and he has outdone himself and raised the bar for quality craftsmanship yet again. The band and everyone involved is beyond happy with the outcome and can't wait to show everybody this insane piece of work.

Also in the works on Ormeyngel (out late November/early December):
*Dark Times Tape
*Blackest Woods Tape
*Drugged SS Tape (Repress with new artwork)

Bring on the night!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Drugged SS on the front page of Natt&Dag

Lynch and Drugged SS? Didn't see that coming. 3 page interview with Norway's most hateful band in this months issue of Natt&Dag where they talk shit about everyone in Oslo... including us, Orymeyngel. Get your ass out on the street and pick up an issue.

Entire interview online in Norwegian here.

There's also a few copies of the long gone Drugged SS tape to be found at Tiger in Oslo, get them while they're available. Some copies in the Ormeyngel Webstore as well. EDIT: SOLD OUT.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Squirming back to the old age

Sunday November 7th:
Black Breath
At Garage, Oslo

For this show we've dug out some old songs we'll be performing, as well as some new stuff we've never played live before. We'll play all the songs from the Knarkskog 7", as well as most of the songs from the upcoming 7" "Ingen Veit Alt". Lots of songs we've never played live before, and few of the regulars. Doors open at 21:00.

Now, off to MF DOOM.