Saturday, November 6, 2010

Okkultokrati - Ingen Veit Alt EP

Okkultokrati's upcoming new 5 song EP called "Ingen Veit Alt" is now sent to the pressing plant and is slated for a December 13th 2010 release and available both on CD and 7" vinyl as a collaboration between Fysisk Format, Ormeyngel, Odio Sonoro and Lilla Himmel.

Topics for this new EP touch upon mind-expanding drugs, physical decay, witch hunts, intricate torture, the forging of metal, unveiling deity, exposing eternal life and stating once and for all that "I ain't no performance art".

Listen to the track "Triumph of Meth" on ShitSpace.

Sebastian Rusten canceled all appointments for 3 months and sat down and feverishly drew the very detailed artwork for this release, and he has outdone himself and raised the bar for quality craftsmanship yet again. The band and everyone involved is beyond happy with the outcome and can't wait to show everybody this insane piece of work.

Also in the works on Ormeyngel (out late November/early December):
*Dark Times Tape
*Blackest Woods Tape
*Drugged SS Tape (Repress with new artwork)

Bring on the night!

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