Monday, October 31, 2011

PROBLEMS 2011 // Tape out now


Problems - 2011 cassette out now on Ormeyngel. 7 tracks of hardcore fury. Purchase here, listen to a new track here and another one here.

Norway: Head over to Tiger.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Up next

Årabrot UK tour this week.

Catch Årabrot featuring Boris of Okkultokrati in the UK this week:

Oct 26 Bristol County Sports Club, Bristol
Oct 27 Undertone, Cardiff
Oct 28 Mello Mello, Liverpool
Oct 29 The Whitworth, Manchester
Oct 31 The Shacklewell Arms, London

Friday, October 7, 2011

Okkultokrati / Knarkskog EP / 3rd pressing

Okkultokrati's debut release "Knarkskog" is back, now on the third pressing. Solid grey vinyl this time, 300 copies. Norwegians can get it at shows or from Tiger, as usual. Wholesale through Lilla Himmel. Also available from Ormeyngel.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ormeyngel, September update

Your favorite source for the Norwegian Postal Service's unfriendly shipping rates, ORMEYNGEL is now updated with some new Okkultokrati stuff:

* Hellebou 7"
* No Light for Mass T-shirt
* Okkultokrati/Årabrot - Split 12"
* All sizes of the classic UFO T-shirt.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Limited OKKULTOKRATI 7" now available!

OUT NOW!: The third issue of the Hellebou Magazine comes with a 7-inch single that features a brand new exclusive OKKULTOKRATI track that was recorded in the cold days between christmas and new years eve last winter. It's a bit on the heavier side, drawing on some Sabbath/Burning Witch type of songwriting processed through the Okkulto-grinder. B-side is occupied by Norwegian author/poet MATHIAS SAMUELSEN. Only limited to 300 copies, so don't sleep on this one pilgrims!

It was cold. It took us two days to heat up the thick timber walls. The water in the big plastic barrels, left behind by the cabin's last residents, did not melt during our stay. The ice was too thick. Our neighbor dug out a trail in the snow, so that we would not have to wade through it. None of us dared to sleep alone at night. It was too cold. It was too dark. Outside, the moon was reflected in the white and untouched snow. We stayed inside. It was the time of the year when the days were at their shortest. We were in a cabin, in the forest, in Telemark.

So describes Inger Wold Lund our very first winter residence, which took place during winter solstice. After three days in front of the fireplace, we were faced with four musicians from Oslo: Black Qvisling, Black Race, Le Ghast and Verminscum, otherwise known as Okkultokrati. They had been invited to the cabin for these particularly dark nights. Our living room turned into a music studio, and the cabin turned out to be too small. During summer we could have gone swimming in Lake Follsjø, or settled down in the woodshed for the night, but now we all wanted to stay inside. The cabin resonated with the rhythms of a distorted guitar, as some of us returned to the city. Later that winter, Katla (Jonas Ib. Jensen, Mathijs van Geest and Ånond Versto) rented a car. They drove from their studio in Bergen, over the Haukeli Mountains, to Hellebu, Helleberg, Telemark. Once again the timber walls needed heating, as Katla gathered material for their first artist book. One rainy weekend in June, when the days were at their longest, the cabin had one last visitor, writer Mathias Samuelsen. His stay in the cabin resulted in a reading. These are the makers of this year's Hellebou.

Hellebou is founded by Ellen Henriette Suhrke and Johanne Birkeland. Together they uphold a year-round artist residence, and maintain the cabin. Hellebou Vol. 3 was produced between December 2010 and September 2011. 

You can buy it here:
(We'll also have a few copies up in the Ormeyngel shop for anybody outside Norway who might want one soon).