Thursday, September 3, 2009

Musings about Knarkskog

It's A Trap wrote some nice things about us. They compare us to some cool current bands which we aren't really inspired by, but that are flattering none the less. They also heard some intriguing similarities to Brainbombs that we were unaware of, but Brainbombs are excellent so who cares.

"Okkultokrati share members with Haust and more than a slight resemblance soundwise, but they are definitely way more on the current pessimistic hardcore zeitgeist tip than the latter. Haust mix hardcore aggression with black metal nihilism, Okkultokrati are just aggro. If you dig on the contorted sounds of Sex Vid, Total Abuse, Cult Ritual or any other like-minded negative creeps (overused Brainbombs references are a surefire tip-off), you'll probably dig this too, especially if you wish those bands had a heavier rhythmic integrity. The debut "Knarkskog EP" (free d/l here) won't usurp "Communal living" as the subset standard-bearer, but it's way better than some and bodes well for the future."

Read it here

"Dopecradle" was A-listed by Radio Nova and they had this to say about it:

"Oslobandet Okkultokrati slapp sin debut ”Knarkskog EP” 25. august. Bandet som har medlemmer fra bl.a Common Cause og Haust overøser deg med en klassisk miks av hardcore, pønk og svartmetall. ”Dopecradle” skifter fra å gå i et høyt hardcore-tempo til å roe ned til repetative gitarriff i black metal-stil. Uansett stilart, er dette både melodiøst og rytmisk, med et nihilistisk tankesett som utgangspunkt for det aggressive uttrykket. Svart, er forøvrig ordet som kanskje best beskriver bandet som helhet. I tillegg til navn på bandmedlemmer som Black Death og Black Qvisling, referanser som Black Flag og Black Sabbath, fronter de Knarkskog EP med en heftig, syk og mørk covertegning. (EP’en er ute på vinyl i bare 200 kopier!) "

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  1. the thing is, none of those bands really sound anything like Brainbombs, yet that doesn't stop plenty of reviewers from dropping them in as a reference for anything related to negative-minded hardcore. that's what I was trying to get at.