Saturday, February 19, 2011

Okkultokrati/Kylesa tour

We just got back from 16 great days with Kylesa in Europe! Thanks to everyone who came out and checked us out, and thanks to Kylesa, Sara, Ollie and Jaki for all the good times! See you all soon!

Here's some pictures and videos from the Okkultokrati shows. If you've got some, please email them to us!


Lyon by Musik Industry:

Luxembourg by Matthieu.

Pictures from the first show of the tour (Bochum DE) are here and here.

Sorry for those who couldn't get any records at the last 5 shows, we ran out of all the copies we brought. Ormeyngel will be back online and updated within a few days with items such as the Blackest Woods tape, a few copies of the Knarkskog 7" tour press, and a few left over tour shirts.

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