Friday, February 25, 2011

New items in the Ormeyngel store

The Ormeyngel webstore is back online with 3 new items. First and foremost is the latest edition to the Ormeyngel tapeography: Blackest Woods - All my Children. 4 tracks of pure blackness with beautifully printed inlays. Tape done by Sacred Tapes.

Now for some Okkultokrati tour left overs. We've got some copies of the tour press of the Knarkskog 7", limited to 100 copies with Flag rip off artwork and screened covers. We forgot to bring it all for the tour, so we put the rest up in the store. Get it here.

Here's a shirt we did for the tour. Only sizes L and XL left (Europeans turned out to be more puny than we thought), but we'll print new ones in all sizes pretty soon. Stare at the image for a few minutes to see a 3D image. Buy here.

We sold out most of all our shirt designs on the tour so only L and XL is left of the 3 shirts currently available. All sizes will be reprinted when we have money. So give us yours.

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