Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OKKULTOKRATI - No Light For Mass CD out now!!!

And it get a 5 out of 6 review in Natt & Dag (in Norwegian)

From the Fysisk Format Press release:
Okkultokrati have been around for a couple of years now and feature members from Haust and Hombre Malo. They play bitter and dirty punk metal drenched in the stench of Poison Idea, Celtic Frost and High on Fire!

After their Knarkskog EP from 2009 Okkultokrati now debuts with the album "No Light For Mass". This is a collection of songs that has been subjected to over six months of intensive and focused writing, rehearsing and recording.

The band was born out of a need to transcend the surface of pointless metal and punk that overflows Norway's borders. Why just get inspiration from international unholy culture when just outside the living room window you will find the purest horror you can imagine? Both the Norwegian natural landscape and on the outskirts of every city is filled with all kinds of vile pleasures for young creative souls.

The basis of the mood and the lyrics of "No Light For Mass" is a fascination for atheist metaphysics. While feeding the ego is increasingly taking up space on the Internet and the media, Okkultokrati latches onto the concept of the general state of the New Age movement and its fringed side tracks. If you look behind the colorful rainbows and happy-go-fatal philosophies you will find aborted reincarnations, astral mutilation, and telepathic deportation. Okkultokrati channels the negative energy into 9 tracks of nekro spirituals and encourages spiritual rationality.

The cover was designed by Sebastian Rusten, who also was responsible for cover art on the debut seven inch "Knarkskog" from 2009. Mixed and mastered by Willem Ruben (Haust).

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