Thursday, May 27, 2010

Haust - Powers of Horror CD/LP pre-order up now

It's been two years coming since the band's last full-lenght Ride The Relapse but June 7th Haust's new album is finally out. Powers of Horror is released both on CD and LP by true weirdo aficionados Fysisk Format this time too and features artwork by Peter-John de Villiers and the following 13 gutter scraping hits:

01 Cold Comfort
02 Anti-Reproductive
03 Skate Rock
04 Pointing And Laughing
05 I Dont Know Jack
06 Deep Green
07 The Abyss
08 Nekromantik Norway
09 I Stand Alone
10 Shit Hit
11 Unknown Mess
12 Eaten Alive
13 Vomiting

Listen to Anti-Reproductive, Skate Rock and The Abyss and pre-order here:

Tape version will be out on Ormeyngel a few weeks after the CD.
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