Saturday, April 14, 2012


Bis Auf's Messer are now the number one distro for Ormeyngel releases! We will NOT re-open the Ormeyngel web store, so Big Auf's Messer in Berlin is now the (only) place to go. This allows you to get your stuff at reasonable shipping rates and way quicker than when us lazy dudes took care of the distro.

Check out their Ormeyngel products here. We gave them the very last copies of all the tapes we have. Both the Blackest Woods and Problems tapes are close to sold out, and we even found some copies of the long out of print No Light for Mass cassette! Get on it! The Knarkskog 7" is also available (grey vinyl), and they've also got the Dark Times 7".

Happy shopping. Their distro is huge and packed with great shit, so go crazy and support Germany's finest record store!

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