Monday, May 30, 2011

Okkultokrati/Årabrot: Split LP

Okkultokrati and Årabrot have teamed up for a split LP which will be released by Fysisk Format on July 1st.

Listen to a track from each band here.

The split includes four insane new Årabrot tracks, and three new hits from Okkultokrati. What you can hear in that excerpt is about 12% of the final Okkultokrati track, just sayin'.

1. Sacred Filth
2. Death Is Death
3. Hail The Black Dawn

1. Smite
2. Procrustes
3. The Cat Is Out Of The Bag
4. Vita

Both bands recorded with Stian Skagen of Concept Virus and Nernes/Skagen fame, and Billy Anderson mastered it. 500 copies on vinyl. First 100 copies on deep red vinyl, rest on black. Killer gatefold cover with artwork by Sebastian Rusten. This is a vinyl only release, as in no CD, no tape, no download, no stream, no fun.

Pre-order it here:

Release show in Oslo at Blå Saturday, June 25th. This is also the release party for Next Life's new LP.

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