Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DARK TIMES + DRUGGED SS tapes out now

Ormeyngel 08 is now available from Ormeyngel right here. This is the debut release from DARK TIMES, a noisy indie rock trio who entered the Oslo scene in 2010. Features 5 killer hits, so get it NOW. Oslovers can get it at Tiger.

Also arriving from the amazing Sacred Tapes is the second run of 2010's most hated release here in Norway: DRUGGED SS - I Hate What You Think About My Life. Copies went fast over in America, we've got supplies available here. Or as always, at Tiger.

Arriving within a week or so is Ormeyngel 09, BLACKEST WOODS - All My Children. Prepare your tape deck for a true black attack.


  1. When will you re-release okkultokrati demo tape? and Obliteration's Nekropsalms?


  2. Obli tape won't be repressed, sorry. But we'll release an Okkulto tape collection featuring the entire demo sessions plus some other shit.

  3. kan man kjoepe dessa i amerika?

  4. 'mericans can try getting these from Solar Funeral: http://solarfuneral.blogspot.com/2011/01/sacred-tapes-jams.html