Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 end of the year round up lists

People like making lists. Pitting one sorry record against another. 2010 was a pretty good year for music. Although you wouldn't have guessed it reading some of these lists. Ha ha.

Here are some of the "Best albums of 2010" that happened to mention the Okkultokrati and Haust albums. Thanks to every single loner, loser, druggie, misfit, degenerate and problem child who picked them up and enjoyed them.

It's a Trap:
"Apocalyptic visions set to a soundtrack of the rawest metal/punk sludge. A zeitgeist-defining album of unmatched ugliness."

Harald Fossberg knows how to party.

Radio Nova:
Okkulto in the Top 3 - Not too shabby

And some others too.
Ny Musikk

Bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus:

Verminscum's top 10 list for 2010 (made for It's A Trap):

- Black Hole Crew: The "Nekromantik Norway" shows with Haust, Årabrot and Okkultokrati around Norway, the latest Haust and Årabrot LPs, releasing two Okkultokrati records this year, Dark Times, Sumar, Drugged SS pissing off Oslo hipsters, the new band some of us just started, Ormeyngel Records.

- Getting the news on the Pulp reunion shows happening next year.

- Seeing Unbroken + Ceremony in London with my friends.

- Everything Tottenham Hotspur: Champions League, 4th place in PL 2009/2010 season, Gareth Bale, van der Vaart.

- Notodden in the summer.

- The current state of OCHC (Oslo City Hardcore).

- Integrity - The Blackest Curse being the best Integrity album ever.

- Breaking edge.

- Hot Mamba @ "Best i smaken"

- Family and friends doing OK.

Black Qvislings's top 10 ragers and future bonzers (no weak sauce):

Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death
If you haven't picked this up yet you are missing out. Some of the finest, most distorted thrashing metal featuring Arild and Sindre from Obliteration.

Kriegshog - s/t
Japanese total killer maniac hardcore ripper. Just as good as their seveninches. If not better.

Double Negative- Daydreamnation
Expending on their Bad Brainian fastcore sound to new heights and adding noisy, swirling bits and unrelenting plummeting grooves.

Furze - Reaper Subconscious Guide
What the fuck is going on with this album? Total genius! That's what! Jangly stoner doom glockenspiel rocking black metal madness makes this an instant classic.

Knuste Ruter - Gjennom Veggene
Taking the best aspects of classic Norwegian hardcore and improving them. Dazzling guitar work and sharp, poignant lyrics. Fuck Jokke, fuck Raga, and fuck you for not owning this record.

Masakari – The Prophet Feeds
Although the world does not need more bands doing this style for a while, the power and onslaught of this record can not be denied. Ultra-vicious and pissed off!

Haust - Powers of Horror
The only way this record could be any better is if it featured all the songs from the Next Life split and the "No Christmas" song as well. Haust could be the biggest band in the world and still be underrated.

Årabrot - Revenge
Darker, slower, deadlier. Just listen to "The Pilgrimage". It doesn't get much more demented and disturbing than this. Another slap in the face of correctness and good taste.

Deathhammer - Phantom Knights
Those shrieks!!! I love it.

Bastard Priest - Under The Hammer of Destruction
The most hard-hitting, soul-crushing, just plain awesome record of the year!!!

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