Thursday, September 9, 2010

A note from Drugged SS

The guys in Drugged SS asked us to post this:

To all bloggers: Stop posting the Drugged SS tape on the internett. The rips people have made SUCK, and sound like shit. If the tape is sold out then too bad for you, we make music for your car stereo not your ipod. There will be a new version of the tape out soon, and we want our music to stay on tape ONLY. If you post crappy mp3s on the net, we will just stop making music. We have a new release recorded and ready but if all people do is upload a shitty rip online, we wont release these songs. If you want there to be another Drugged SS release, stop posting the old one on the net.


Note from Ormeyngel:
The Drugged SS tape is now sold out. However, there will be a new, limited pressing of this tape with a much cooler packaging and design out during the fall. We also hope to release the new Drugged SS material, so please don't piss them off anymore by uploading digital rips of the cassette.

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