Monday, February 8, 2010

Itsatrap on Drugged SS

Drugged SS

Toby Vail

wrote a great essay on what it means to be an aging punk in the new issue of "Nuts!", our local zine, a subject never too far from my mind as the age of my show-going peers gets progressively further away from my own. "I am happy to be alive here in Olympia which is still a thriving punk scene largely unconcerned with trends, careerism and marketability. I just hope the next generation of punks take it seriously. Because what we do can make a difference. We have the power to change things and our actions are connected to history and impact the future. Hopefully you won't all move to Portland or Brooklyn or whatever when your own punk rock mid like crisis at 20 or 25 or 30 or 35... because this is a cool town and it'd be rad if some of you stick around." Those words resonate with me; I was jaded in my early 20s, but I turned it around and turned my back on the city, on the pose, on false aspirations and all the other things that don't matter. It's a bit part of why I live where I do today. And that's why when I come across bands that share those same ideals, it gets my attention. This is the dark side of the same coin: "Drugged SS takes no part of the already established positive hardcore scene in the big cities... Drugged SS are from Setesdal and are going to stay in Setesdal." I can relate to that. I can also relate to the raw, ugly sounds they're making because while in many ways I am getting mellower as I get older, I am not getting complacent. Dark times, dark music.

Drugged SS are a new signing to , the label run by the folks behind Okkultokrati and Haust. They are also the first band they've signed from outside their extended band family. A 6-song demo tape is in the works and will be out soon.

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