Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New tracks from Okkultokrati and Haust.

Both Haust and Okkultokrati have new releases coming in the next months, and the internet gives you the chance to listen to a few tracks from these releases right now.

Head over to the label releasing all this madness at www.fysiskformat.no to listen to "On Mouth of Hells" from Okkultokrati's album "No Light for Mass" out March 23rd on CD.

Before the release of their second full lenght "Powers of Horror", Haust will be splitting 12 inches of vinyl with Next Life this winter. The track "Hearse" is streaming on their MySpace right now, and you can hear a second track entitled "Skate Rock" on Radio Nova 99.3 in Oslo or stream it from It's a Trap:


"Drop out of life with board in hand. Black Hole Crew, four bars tattoo."

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